"I thought the Music was dead, as far as songs that help my Heart expand, and my Spirit fly.I am just one thank you after another thank you as you go through your play list of real, new, alive, inspired, and sometimes older but still neat, Really Music Thank You's to us all."

John, CO

"The music says it all...wonderful. I give what I can by donating monthly, I hope others do as well it. Here's hoping that listener support is enough to keep you and Rosie in kibbles, and more than enough to keep this creative outlet thriving. Thanks for introducing me to so much great music."

Jamie, CA

"Really Music Radio is a welcome alternative. The music is selected not by a piece of software but by a human being—one who happens to have a great ear for music I already like and music that I might well like if I give it a listen. Since listening to Really Music Radio I've discovered dozens of new artists that I really like. Your site has a warm and gentle feel that I also quite appreciate. Thanks so very much for doing what you do!"

Brian, CO

"Love the station. I hear music I thought only I loved, plus I'm being introduced to stuff I like I haven't heard before."

Elizabeth, US

"I LOVE really music radio! you are saving my sanity while studying for finals!"

Kelly, GA

"Hello, I just discover this cool radio...thanks from Marciac."

Fred, France

"You guys are the greatest streaming radio on the net. Anyone who claims to like music and doesn't listen to RMR, well, doesn't. Better keep up the good work."

Jo, FL

"You have the BEST playlist EVER! I've never heard any of these songs before and every single one has got my ears pricked up"

Stephanie, US

"Hey!!! Who said you could play my record collection!?! Seriously, this is a lush oasis in a musical desert...keep up the good work!"

Edwin, NC

"Thank you my friend...I sit here listening and there are tears in my eyes...please continue being human...your work is important"

Dave, US

"No, really, you guys are really the best station there is...you know you've found true love when you don't want to leave your desk for fear you'll miss something good...if I could pipe you in everywhere I go, I'd do it...a true groupie here"

Lynne, OH

"What a beacon in the wilderness - excellent music. I'm so grateful to my friend who recommended this resource. Keep up the good work and thanks!"

Jeanne, OR