About ReallyMusicRadio

Remember when radio offered the promise of taking you somewhere, letting you feel something or opening a new door? How long has it been since you collected on that promise? For most of us it's probably been so long that we've forgotten what we used to crave and have grown a new set of ears. Fertilized by a corporate/MTV mentality that's taught us to exclude possibilities, our musical adventures have become private investigations where cynicism threatens to overwhelm hope that any kind of community based on the incredible power music has to knock down the walls between us will ever flourish again.

Reallymusicradio is here to help keep that hope alive.

Most musicians know that "styles" or "genres" or "formats" only exist as separate elements to grease marketing wheels and they mostly serve to keep music segregated into pigeon holes that don't truly apply to how music is created or ingested.

Reallymusicradio holds this truth to be self-evident: All music that comes from the heart is music that can fill the heart.

We invite you to listen for a while and see if you're inspired to open those old ears. If not, thanks a lot for giving us a chance. If so, joining the reallymusicradio community would help keep us on the map and might just fan the flame of hope in your own heart.

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