Artist: Sarah Jarosz
Song: Run Away

Artist: Clarensau
Song: When I'm With You

Artist: The Deadfields
Song: Carolina Backwoods

Artist: Jesse Terry
Song: Wishful Thinking

Artist: Cubic Feet
Song: Living End

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Music without borders. The world is listening.

Welcome home!

Here we are over ten years into project reallymusicradio, fondly known among family and friends as The Noble but Doomed to Fail Crusade to save and fertilize the musical basis for civilization as we know it. Some might refer to it as Tilting at the Windbags of Musical Oppression. The literary references notwithstanding, down here in the trenches the bigger picture is usually obscured by the day-to-day necessities of keeping the generators churning and the mud from creeping too far up the pantleg. And, if possible, an occasional bone for Rosie (see below).

Daring a glimpse out at the landscape reaffirms the belief that maybe we all need music today more than at any time in memory. At least that's what I've deduced from the scattered, unreliable reports floating in from the outside world. In fact, perhaps one of the best things to come from recent events is the more universal understanding that, if nothing else, we've all got each other...and music.

it's in that spirit that this reallymusicradio website is undergoing some simplification...jettisoning features that were too hard for one (HTML-impaired) person to maintain and/or make unclunky enough for smart, reasonable people to navigate. My initial inspiration was to find and play great music and I'm reaffirming my commitment to that part of things. And that being said, if there's any generous soul with web/database/design expertise and ideas out there who'd like to donate a little of that to the cause, I'd love to hear from you.

Sharp-eyed visitors may notice a couple of changes in concert with the simplification process currently underway. The upper left navigation buttons have been redone (I made them myself!) and now link to what they say they link to (startling concept, do you think it will catch on?). For example, there is now, once again, an actual GuestBook...and I hope you feel free to leave a message.

In addition, there's a brand-new (but not too shiny) donate button.

Oh look, there it is again. I want to make it clear that the exclamation point in no way implies that you MUST follow instructions. It's more intended as an "oh boy, I love reallymusicradio and I am SO happy I can make a donation" sort of happy dance. Given the above references to generators, mud and the like, I'm sure it isn't necessary to further expound on how helpful any size donation would be. Not to mention, if you can honestly look Rosie in the eye and deny that poor girl a bone, then I have to imagine you need it more than she does.

In any case, thanks for listening....and thanks for tuning in too.

Will & Rosie

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